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Hello Golfers!

Golfers who are looking to maximize their performance and avoid and/or rehabilitate following common golf-related injuries should try these exercises in consultation with their doctor of chiropractic:


Active Warm-Up Exercises

  • Bend forward at the hips to touch the fingers to the floor.
  • Step into a stride position, extending the right leg (lunge).
  • Lift the right arm, rotate the spine and the head – hold this pose for 10 seconds.
  • Return to the stride position. With hands on the left thigh, drop the back knee toward the floor and reach both arms overhead.
  • Twist the torso toward flexed front knee and hold.
  • Return to the hip flexor stretch position then put both hands on the floor.
  • Go to push-up position.
  • Sweep the left foot across in front – sit into the stretch and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Return to the push-up position.
  • Step forward into a forward bend and hold.
  • Sit into a deep squat with open knees.
  • Lift hands overhead, stand up and bring arms back to your side.

These are just a few things you could do to help your golf game.  For more information please click the link below for the rest of the article out of To Your Health


Pledging Support for the Chiropractic Cause


At the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) annual meeting in Las Vegas, chiropractic educational institutions throughout the United States made an unprecedented financial commitment to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) and its public relations campaign in support of chiropractors.

Stepping Stone Chiropractic Goes Online with New Website

Ashland's most trusted chiropractor can now be accessed via the Internet. The new site offers detailed information about the practice, techniques and the chiropractic field in general.


Visit the new website today to find out about us, our visiting hours and to make an appointment online.